The Massacre of Pizza the Hutt

Making of a Droid, Part 1

Mathus Side Adventure

While escaping the atmosphere of Tatooine, Mathus decided to review the droid components and see if anything was salvageable.
Droid 1 was very banged up but Mathus was able to perceive that the Locomotor was not damaged. Using his mechanics skill, he safely removed the locomotor. It took longer than he wanted it to take but removing the locomotor, he discovered a memory core which he was able to successfully extract.
The contents of the memory core are currently unknown.
Droid 2 was ripped to shreds but Mathus found a vocabulator. His first attempt failed but was able to try again. On his second attempt, he was able to successfully remove the vocabulator.
Parts list recovered from the droids

  • 1 Locomotor
  • 1 Memory Core
  • 1 Vocabulator
  • 2 Broken Spare Components
    Mathus gained 4 XP from the experience giving him 20 XP. He then used all of his experience to gain access to the “Outlaw Tech”.


TheHybridTech TheHybridTech

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